I have a box of low syn treats in the kitchen that I can just grab when I want something sweet. Alpen Lights (2=HEb), Fibre Plus bars (1=HEB), Caramel Snack a Jacks, Aeros, Kit Kats, mini bags of buttons, Jaffa Cakes, Kelloggs bites are all good for low syn sweet fixes.

Free snacks tend to be more filling but you sometimes don't get the sweetness you crave, fat free yoghurt with sweetner is quite good. Other snacks could be houmous, cous cous balls, stuffed potatoes, and wedges.

Weetabix chocolate bites

These were described to me as ferrero rochers, they are less like ferrero rochers and more like a chocolate bite hence the name. Using your HEb in a different way like the scan bran cake can heed great results. If you're running out of syns sometimes it's better to make something out of it rather than having it as it is to get a treat.

2x weetabix crushed (HEb) and 2 tbsp of chocolate spread melted (8syns) then mix up and make 8 balls and they'll be 1syn each. You don't have to eat them all at once as they are quite sweet but if you want to go for it!

Club sandwich

One of my favourite meals discovered whilst on holiday in Zante, quick to do and really filling. Serve with chips or wedges on the side.

2 x wholemeal bread (HEb) smear of light mayonnaise then add a lettuce, top with a flattened cooked chicken breast, bacon, grated cheese (HEa), red onion (slice tomato if you want!) then smear the top piece of bread with a tomato relish. Add the top piece of bread to the sandiwch press down to push together, slice in half and serve.

Roast Potatoes / Chips

Roast Potatoes / Chips

Put peeled (sliced potatoes for chips) potatoes in a dish, top with boiling water and put in microwave for 10 minutes.
Drain and leave to cool & dry out, when you're ready to cook spray with fry light and put on a tray, add salt & pepper, garlic and any other seasoning.
Cook for 45 minutes on Gas Mark 7. About half way take out and shake the tray to mix up.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker in the best thing for a stew. Cook off any type of meat throw it in, add plenty of liquid using passata as a base then add any veg you want to and spices. This is one of the only ways I will actually eat veg, because it is cooked slowly for a long time the contents of the pot just fall apart. Really tasty with roast potatoes. If you want to add a it of spice to the pot serve with rice.

Cous Cous balls

I don't know where I got this recipe from but people seem to think I made it up, I don't think I did but you never know cause I do randomly do that sometimes! Like the stuffed potatoes they're great for with main meals or with salads. Not the best picture below but they are really tasty.

Make up a packet of cous cous as instructed, add 1 egg and shape into balls (about 6) then put in a n oven dish and cook for 25mins. Perfect for a snack hot or cold.

Stuffed potatoes

This was a recipe my Uncle did when we went to their house for a birthday, good accompanyment for any of the other recipes on here and good idea for a jacket potato if you're gettinga bit bored with the normal way of doing them! My Mum says I have asbestos finger which is why I can do these so fast so be careful when your scooping out the middles cause it will be scalding hot.

Cook potatoes of whatever size as if you're jacketting them. when they're soft in the middle take out of the oven and slice in half. Scoop out the middle and put into a bowl, add HEa cheese, bacon, spring onions (any other fillings you fancy!) then pack the potato skins back up with the filling. Put back in the oven for 10 mins and then serve.


Breakfast for me is normally fruit & a yoghurt because I get up, get ready for work then go. I can't be bothered to do much else unless I'm off. When I am off I try and do something a bit more filling as I know I'll be picking all day if I don't fill myself! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I miss my full english breakfasts in Wetherspoons, but on SW it can be done (minus the black pudding!). Add tomatoes, mushrooms etc any other veg you like.

Bacon (minus the fat), baked beans, scrambled egg, 2x 1 syn sausages + HEb bread. (Total 2syns)

Waffles (2½ syns each), baked beans and scrambled egg.

This next recipes is somethign quite special and quite tasty. Called Croque madame from the SW magazine. basically an open ham and cheese toastie topped with a fried egg. I tried this as soon as I got the magazine and thought it was fab! Next time I would probably do two it was that good.

1 x brown bread toasted, top with ham and grated cheese (HEa) and put under the grill. Fry an egg, take out from grill and put egg on the top. Beautiful!

Smash mash pizza

To be totally honest I am still perfecting this recipe myself but maybe you can do something with it yourself to make it just right. The first time I tried it the base was too potatoey (Yes I realise it is infact mash potato!) So the next time I made it I added cheese & mixed herbs to it and now it's almost perfect.

60g smash mash mixed with as little boiling water as you can to make a 'dough', add some grated cheese (from your HEa) and dried mixed herbs. Here comes the hard bit...

You need to flatten the 'dough' and make into a base on some greaseproof paper/ non stick tray (or Fry Light a tray), then put it in the oven and cook for about 25mins to make a big flat potato cake. flip over cook that till it's solid then add your toppings. It seems like a long process I know but one slice of normal pizza could be anything upto 15-20 syns. This way you can have a whole pizza for free (HEa). It's worth it when you get the right mixtues.


Trying to get the 1/3 superfree inside myself was a problem at first and during winter salads don't seem that appealing. If you like vegetables you won't have a problem. I started finding that if I had fruit and a yoghut for my breakfast and a salad for my dinner I could have whatever free foods I wanted for my tea and I would get a loss as I was getting more than enough superfree during the day.

If you don't think a salad will fill you up, add pasta or cous cous to 'pad' it out a bit. They will fill you up and cause they are free it isn't a problem. The other good thing about a salad is you can put almost anything in them, chicken, ham, cottage cheese, tinned/ fresh tuna/ salmon and more besides.