Smash mash pizza

To be totally honest I am still perfecting this recipe myself but maybe you can do something with it yourself to make it just right. The first time I tried it the base was too potatoey (Yes I realise it is infact mash potato!) So the next time I made it I added cheese & mixed herbs to it and now it's almost perfect.

60g smash mash mixed with as little boiling water as you can to make a 'dough', add some grated cheese (from your HEa) and dried mixed herbs. Here comes the hard bit...

You need to flatten the 'dough' and make into a base on some greaseproof paper/ non stick tray (or Fry Light a tray), then put it in the oven and cook for about 25mins to make a big flat potato cake. flip over cook that till it's solid then add your toppings. It seems like a long process I know but one slice of normal pizza could be anything upto 15-20 syns. This way you can have a whole pizza for free (HEa). It's worth it when you get the right mixtues.

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