I have a box of low syn treats in the kitchen that I can just grab when I want something sweet. Alpen Lights (2=HEb), Fibre Plus bars (1=HEB), Caramel Snack a Jacks, Aeros, Kit Kats, mini bags of buttons, Jaffa Cakes, Kelloggs bites are all good for low syn sweet fixes.

Free snacks tend to be more filling but you sometimes don't get the sweetness you crave, fat free yoghurt with sweetner is quite good. Other snacks could be houmous, cous cous balls, stuffed potatoes, and wedges.


  1. i love crab stix to snack on but can easily get through a packet of them

  2. A box of 'low syn' treats is no good if you eat them all at once like me! :( I have no will power.... I find it better to have nothing except yoghurts and syn free SW egg custards available and buy choc bars one by one!