Diet coke pork

Diet Coke Pork. I have never been as dubious about a recipe in my life as this one, it just sounds wrong.

I imagine the Diet Coke sauce will work with any meat, the pork was lovely (My Dad's only comment was there wasn't enough of it). I did it for 3 people but the recipe I'm gonna write is for one serving so just multiply it by the amount of people you are serving. It's free on EE.

Basically it's 3tbsp passata, ½tbsp Worcester sauce, 200lm diet coke. All in a pan, stir and let it reduce (which it eventually will) then add you chosen meat and you're done. I kept tasting the sauce and got it to how I wanted it so this is a round and about recipe!

Served with salad and potato wedges. It works better with a less reduced sauce with rice.

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