Scan bran chocolate cake

I have discovered the joys of cooking with scan bran(!) I made this cake and wanted to share the recipe with you all, I found it online originally but lowered the amount of sweetener in it as I find it very sickly sweet! One whole cake is 12 syns.

5 scan bran (softened w/ boiling water then drained and mashed up)
3 eggs
1oz cocoa
1oz sweetener
1tbsp golden syrup
Gas mark 5 190c for 15/20mins

After cooking the one pictured I added chocolate spead to the top, you would have to syn your chocolate spread but it works as well without it.


  1. What the heck is Scan Bran please?

    1. Scan Bran is a crispbread that is sold by Slimming World in at their meetings. You would have to be a member of Slimming World or know someone who is in order to get them. They have the texture, appearance and taste of cardboard! So I would say that if you are going to make this cake then it definitely needs the chocolate spread on it lol.

  2. you can also buy scan bran in Holland and barrets xx