Breakfast for me is normally fruit & a yoghurt because I get up, get ready for work then go. I can't be bothered to do much else unless I'm off. When I am off I try and do something a bit more filling as I know I'll be picking all day if I don't fill myself! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I miss my full english breakfasts in Wetherspoons, but on SW it can be done (minus the black pudding!). Add tomatoes, mushrooms etc any other veg you like.

Bacon (minus the fat), baked beans, scrambled egg, 2x 1 syn sausages + HEb bread. (Total 2syns)

Waffles (2½ syns each), baked beans and scrambled egg.

This next recipes is somethign quite special and quite tasty. Called Croque madame from the SW magazine. basically an open ham and cheese toastie topped with a fried egg. I tried this as soon as I got the magazine and thought it was fab! Next time I would probably do two it was that good.

1 x brown bread toasted, top with ham and grated cheese (HEa) and put under the grill. Fry an egg, take out from grill and put egg on the top. Beautiful!


  1. the Croque madame sounds amazing

  2. Absolutely delicious. Love your recipes. Cheers