Typical Food Diary

Before I Start with the food diary, here is just a few things:

I don't go to the gym.

I eat all my syns (by GOD do I eat all my syns).
I go crazy Every week after WI eating anything and everything I've fancied all week.
I do the Extra Easy plan but I don't like vegetables, I like fruit but not too much.
I try and change what I eat everyday, but eat the same things over the week.
I drink Water, and only water.
I flexi my syns, I start on Friday with 105 and take them off over the week, if that means I have syns left then that's what happens, if not then so be it.
I don't drink any alcohol (I stopped when I started SW, I don't miss it).

People keep asking me what I eat to be doing so well, so I emailed some of the girls on Twitter a food diary. Thought I would put it on here as well.

My food diary is pretty much scrawl just so I can keep track of what I eat so I'm gonna try and translate it for you into 6/ 7days worth of actual meals! I do however only drink water, as much as I possibly can a day but always over 2/3 litres. I stopped drinking in September when I started SW.

Because I don't use all my syns I count things as free that are only maybe 1 or 2 syns so you might want to double check some of the mugshots/ yoghurts. I'm a bit lax to be honest on syn counting/ HEbs but it's never gone wrong for me. I think sometimes you can be 'too' strict with yourself. My HEb is basically 2 pieces of any brown/ wholemeal bread whatever the size of it.

Any questions just comment me back and I can explain anything.

(Syn values/ HEa/b in brackets, everything else is free/ superfree)

Friday (13syns)

Breakfast: Activia snackpot & banana
Dinner: Sweet& Sour mugshot
Tea: Salmon pasta salad, light mayo (½syn) with lettuce, carrots, red onion, spring onions& beetroot with 2x babybels chopped in (HEa)
Snacks: 2x Alpen light bars (HEb), apple& pineapple, creme egg (8½syns), pork pie (4syns)

Saturday (27½syns)

Breakfast: Activia snackpot
Dinner: cheese (HEa)& ham sandwich with beetroot& red onion (HEb) and a smear of mayo
Tea: Black bean beef, onions and carrots (2½syns) with boiled rice, chips (3syns)
Snacks: Muffin (22syns)

Sunday (20½syns)

Breakfast: Egg, beans & bacon
Dinner: Black bean beef, onions and carrots (2½syns) with boiled rice (other half from last night)
Tea: Chicken, potatoes, stuffing (4syns), broccoli, carrots
Snacks: 2x Alpen light bars (HEb), glass of milk (HEa) 2xpiece of Toblerone (14syns)

Monday (4½syns)

Breakfast: Activia snackpot & melon
Dinner: chicken pasta salad with lettuce, carrots& spring onions& light mayo (½syn)
Tea: boiled rice, ½can of chunky chicken (4syns)
Snacks: 2x Alpen light bars (HEb) -
No HEa today, prob forgot or couldn't be bothered picking what to have.

Tuesday (19syns)

Breakfast: Activia snackpot & 2x Alpen light bars (HEb)
Dinner: rice& tuna lettuce, carrots& spring onions& honey& mustard dressing (2syns)
Tea: Fajita chicken w/ cous cous balls (cous cous free with HEa cheese) dip (1½syns)
Snacks: Kit Kat (5½syns), Aero (10)

Wednesday (6½syns)

Breakfast: Activia snackpot & 2x Alpen light bars (HEb)
Dinner: tuna sandwich (HEb) with lettuce, carrots& beetroot, mayo (1½syns)
Tea: Pasta bake with chicken& bacon, tomato passata& cheese (HEa)
Snacks: Wine (6½syns)

Thursday WI Day

Breakfast: Activia snackpot & 2x Alpen light bars (HEb) & banana
Dinner: Thai mugshot (2syns)


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