The Slimming World Plan

The plan is so simple to follow but takes a bit of getting used to. There are 3 main parts:

Free Foods
Heathly Extras (HE's)

Free Foods & Superfree Foods

Free foods are free because you can literally eat as much of them as you want to. No weighing or measuring, no portion sizes or quantities to stick to, fill your boots!

Superfree foods are very low in calories, useful to snack on and fill your plate with. The aim in a day is to eat roughly 2/3 Free and 1/3 Superfree.

Free foods include:
Meat & fish (without the fat)

Potatoes, rice & pasta
Fat free dairy products (yoghurts, cottage cheese etc)

Superfree foods include

Fresh & frozen fruit

Heathly Extras (HE's)

Heathly Extras come in two form a's & b's and are the extra bits you need for a healthy balanced diet. You get one of each a day Healthy Extra a's (HEa) are high in calcium. Healthy Extra b's (HEb) are high in fibre.

HEa's include:

HEb's include:
Cereal & cereal bars
Ryvitas & crackerbreads


Syns are your treats, all the good things you like to enjoy just in moderation. You get 5 - 15 syns a day. Use them wisely as some things have a much higher value than they are actually worth. Wine is quite high (10syns a glass) whilst a short with diet coke is 4syns.

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